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Shake It (While You Can)

Never Before

Another Day (Without Your Love)

We Will Come Through

The Band

Skyward is a Brazilian Hard Rock band lead by João Gabriel Torres (vocals) and Samuel Toledo (guitars).

The musicians partnership goes way back to their teenage days, when they had lots of will and no chance to be heard.

Over the years they have written many songs and after a long time, these tunes are finally coming out to every Hard Rock fan out there!

With powerful rich guitars and strong uplifting vocals, Skyward debuts their first release, the single Hitchhiker, hitting the streets in december 2019.

Currently with other singles released, Skyward is growing audience around the world specially in Europe and the UK, being played daily on many radio stations.

João Gabriel Torres - vocals
Samuel Toledo - guitars

Everything Starts With Something

Exciting news!
Skyward's debut album is coming out early 2021, featuring the 6 singles already released, plus 3 new songs, and a bonus track for the german version! Stay tuned and click the album cover to listen to it on Spotify!


Skyward on the radio!

Skyward is playing daily in many radio stations around the globe. Check out the list of radios and programs and stay tuned!

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Rock It Magazine!

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